Welcome to my humble online abode, where I'm exercising my meagre HTML and CSS knowledge - I'll refrain from the word 'skill' - to create a home page for my domain.

I'm inclined (but by no means certain) to opine on subjects such as Deaf issues, houseplants, mindfulness, Linux, networking, mental health, MacOS, quirks of the English language, container gardening and others. Should this information not be subject to much by way of change then I might decide to devote a section of this website to it, and a link will appear up in the top right there. Other, more transient ideas are likely to be found in the Blog section.

My creative outlet is phototgraphy. I have an online gallery here. Please take a look!

I also write poetry but unless you can prove you're a Vogon I'll keep it to myself for now. ;-)